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Front-line long-term care workers meet with opposition parties


January 25, 2017

(Halifax) - Long-term care providers from Unifor locals across Nova Scotia met with opposition party leaders and critics this week to discuss the damage caused by government budget cuts.

“Budget cuts have impacted every level of long-term care, from reduced food budgets and staffing levels to increased work-load and stress for workers. This all has an impact on the care residents and seniors receive,” said Lana Payne, Unifor’s Atlantic Regional Director.

Unifor front-line workers met with PC Leader Jamie Baillie, Chris d’Entremont (health critic), Larry Harrison (seniors’ critic) and NDP Leader Gary Burrill and shared how the cuts are impacting long-term care in Nova Scotia communities.

After campaigning to make health care better for Nova Scotians, the Liberal government has instead cut long-term care budgets for the past two consecutive years.

“It’s heartbreaking. These cuts have an impact on the level of dignified care our seniors and residents deserve to receive,” said Jessica Dauphinee, Recording Secretary of Unifor Local 4606. “It’s incredibly difficult because we love our jobs and care deeply about our residents, but we’re being asked to work miracles and there’s no relief in sight.”

Unifor’s is calling for a reversal of the cuts, investments in long-term care, and to enforce quality minimum standards of care to support dignity for residents and respect for long-term care providers.