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Some roles and responsibilities of the local union positions


Members of Unifor Local 4600

Please read to ensure the understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the positions you are running for in the 2019 election.

This list includes some of what is expected from the members that are successful in winning the following positions. Please note that in a lot of situations your time is covered when you are scheduled to work and are needed to perform the duties of your elected office, however this also may include volunteering some time on your scheduled days off.

Roles and Responsibilities of Local Union Officers

The responsibilities of Local Unions and their Executive Officers, in addition to those set forth in this Constitution, and in their respective Local Union By-Laws shall include:

● The pursuit of the objectives set out in the Unifor Constitution (can be found on   

   the Unifor website

● The implementation of all Union programs and policies.

● Active participation in political affairs and legislative processes at all levels.

●Support of the participation of Local Union Executive Officers, Committeepersons,

   Stewards and members in educational programs, courses and training.

● The protection of the Local Union’s assets, funds and other property.

Local Union Executive Officers and all workplace Representatives are required to take a week long, 40-hour Human Rights Training Course.

To conduct the affairs of the Local Union and in keeping with the Union’s objectives, the President, Vice-President or Secretary Treasurer have the authority to sign, administer and enforce any commercial contract between the Local Union and another party. This does not apply to collective bargaining.

The President is the principal spokesperson and leader of the Local Union. He or she works to protect and advance the interests of the Local Union. He or she coordinates the efforts of the Local Union Executive Board and membership to achieve the objectives of the Union.

The President will chair all Local Union meetings, enforce the Constitution and appoint committees not otherwise provided for. The President will sign all requisitions for expenditures authorized by the Local Union and countersign all cheques issued by the Secretary Treasurer. The President will be an ex-officio member of all committees with the exception of the election committee.


The Vice-President will assist the President in his/her duties and attend all Local Union meetings. If the President is absent or incapacitated, the Officer identified in the Local Union’s By-Laws as the interim replacement of the President or the Vice-President will perform the President’s duties.

The Recording Secretary will keep a correct record of the Local Union proceedings and sign all requisitions for funds that have been authorized by the Local Union. He/she will read all documents and handle correspondence that does not pertain directly to another officer’s duties. He/she will file documents and correspondence for future reference. The Recording Secretary will bring any correspondence requiring action to the members’ attention.


The Secretary Treasurer will write and sign all cheques. He/she will report in writing to the Local Union’s regular meeting. The report will include amounts received and spent since the last report, listed by kind of income and expenditure, as well as the amounts remaining in the Local Union’s funds.

The Secretary Treasurer will deposit all Local Union income and money in the accounts set up in the name and number of the Local Union in banks, credit unions or trust companies as the Local Union Executive Board directs.

The Secretary Treasurer will make available to each member a copy of the National Constitution and Local Union By-Laws when requested

The Secretary Treasurer will keep an inventory of all Local Union records and property. When possible, he/she will include the date of purchase and amount paid for each article. He/she will notify members in arrears of the amount of their debt. When asked, the Secretary Treasurer will turn over the books to the person assigned to audit the financial books and records of the Local Union, for audit and approval. On demand of the Secretary Treasurer of the National Union, he/she will produce the books for examination and audit.

The Secretary Treasurer shall submit National Union dues to the Secretary Treasurer of the National Union by the last day of the month following collection. He/she shall also deliver, at the same time, a complete dues list, including the names of the persons who paid their dues, the relevant rate of pay, regularly scheduled hours worked, and any other information requested by the Secretary Treasurer of the National Union.

The Secretary Treasurer will give the Secretary Treasurer of the National Union, the names and addresses of all the Local Union officers. The Secretary Treasurer will notify the Secretary Treasurer of the National Union and keep a record of all members initiated, suspended, expelled, deceased, transferred in or out or reinstated. He/she will keep a complete record of all active members of the Local Union, including the date of initiation, the date and cause of suspension or expulsion, the date of reinstatement, the date of death, home address and any other information needed to keep a record of the history of a person’s membership.

The Secretary Treasurer shall record all financial transactions in the books of the Local Union.

All Local Union Officers will deliver all Local Union files, records, and papers to his/her successor.

All Elected members are required to attend 50% + 1 of Executive and General Membership meetings

All workplace representatives shall be actively involved in the issue-based campaigns, educational programs and community initiatives of the union.

All workplace representatives shall help and assist members in the assigned workplaces with issues around the collective agreement and issues deemed to be covered by the union.